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My mom bought a singer heavy duty 4411 sewing machine from someone off facebook marketplace. I took a look at it today to try to thread it and make sure it’s working (seems to be) but it is missing the bobbin cover plate. Saw this on amazon for like $11 but I was hoping there might be somewhere local I can get a part like that and pick it up. Do craft stores usually have parts? I feel like they don’t.

Check with JoAnne’s. They usually have a sewing machine sales area, and might have parts. Other than that, a sewing machine repair shop. I’m thinking that Golden D’Or down on Harry Hines has a Singer repair store in the front area. We’ve got tags for Sunny on our industrial machines, but I don’t know if they do the home machines as well.


These are the folks I bought my Singer parts from some years ago…

Give them a call…

They appear to have gone out of business. Google says they are permanently closed, their facebook isn’t responding to people asking if they are open, and their phone number is disconnected.

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Gave them a call. They said they don’t do that apparently.

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Call Golden D’Or before you go. Facebook says they’re permanently closed.

The sewing machine repair that -was- in the Golden Dor facility is Mr Sewing Machine. They are now in a different facility off Harry Hines. The owners of Mr Sewing Machine also own Urban Spools in Casa Linda. Both stores are Babylock dealers (DMS bought our ZEST machines from them.

Plano Sewing Center is in Plano on Spring Creek. Also a Babylock dealer, and machine service/repair shop.

The Sew and So near downtown Garland specializes in vintage machines (old Singers, Kenmores, etc)

For that matter, most sewing machine dealers have repair shops as part of the business or have a repair person who comes on a regular basis to make their repairs. I don’t know where you live, but there’s likely an option nearby you can contact.

That said, Singer parts may or may not be readily available, since the parent company changed the sales model to bulk sales via places like Walmart.

Some info to gather before starting your phone calling: look up the exact model name and/or number. Singer Heavy Duty likely applies to a variety of models produced. Look for the serial number. That may also provide helpful information for finding the replacement part.


Mr Sewing Machine on harry hines (the company Judy mentions) has a lot of donor machines for parts and can order Singer parts. They do charge a diagnostic fee to look at a machine if you need that :unamused:

Sewing World Of Grapevine Inc does not charge a diagnostic fee, but when I called a monthish ago, their backlog was 4-5 weeks. Note: Singer will not sell them parts because Singer sells only to resellers (as Sewing World explained to me).

I don’t imagine I need any diagnostics, it is pretty obvious that the bobbin cover plate is missing. Otherwise the machine functions perfectly.

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Great @Hanna_Kessler.

That part of my post was for others that read this thread. :v:

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Thank you for the additional information. I am considering buying a vintage or new sewing machine. Your leads will be helpful if the machine needs repair.

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I just bought a used Janome Serger from the Stitch House in Plano. Beautiful place. They provide a lot of care and assistance if you are new to sewing.

Plus, they have classes that are in the $8-$45 range, mainly for the cost of materials (this was told to me this week. No first hand experience). Classroom is spacious, so they might be able to do social distancing well.

Calling around to the various local sewing shops, including Denton, is a neat idea. Mainly because they do service what they sell.

If you are more adventurous, try fb marketplace or tons of machines of all types go thru there. Including a gorgeous Morse Photomatic IV. (I just “won” a Shark/Europro for $5, plus shipping, so <$30 total).


I don’t know if it’s still true, but the last time I checked ebay for sewing machines, there were a number of treadle machines I could have had for free. Just needed a road trip to the East coast…

I ended up ordering the part on amazon and it arrived yesterday. No big deal, and thanks for sharing your favorite sewing stores!


Thanks for at least trying to avoid Amazon. Sometimes it just can’t be helped though without significant compromises.

Oh! I just remembered! If you aren’t already using Amazon Smiles for something, you can set up DMS so that we get a few bucks. We’ve got folks using it already and we get bucks regularly.


I have been perusing facebook marketplace sewing machine category recently. So Many offerings its literally overwhelming! Not many of top brands or top quality, but literally a zillion others from truly antique to just lifted from Walmart yesterday lol.

Lord only knows how Many are on craigslist! Other online sites and at garage and estate sales! IF you know how to assess whether a used machine is in correct working order, has all parts etc etc (I don’t), it is truly a Buyers market! :slight_smile:

OMG. Looked at Goodwill site. TY for sharing this! Apparently its sewing machines from regional Goodwills? Or just from the state of Texas? Anyway, killer assortment! You do have to pay shipping of course! And you can figure out shipping from that particular Goodwill warehouse to your house in the body of the listing.

Great lead here! Thank you!

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Also a good lead that sewing centers may have used machines for sale too! Good thing to check out!

I will check out Stitch House in Plano to acquaint myself with their services!

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