[Serverless] Host your website on IPFS through Cloudflare IPFS Gateway in 5 minutes


HTTP, or the HyperText Transfer Protocol, is the peer-to-peer communication protocol that governs the internet now. It’s how you access websites, watch video’s, download files. There are some problems with it however, a lot of it stemming from the fact that the current model is largely centralized.

Juan Benet, with IPFS, plans to solve a lot of the aforementioned problems. For one, IPFS doesn’t have a single point of failure. It is a peer-to-peer and distributed file system that can literally replace HTTP and decentralize the Internet once again. Internet censorship will largely be impossible, and published information won’t suddenly disappear at the whims of a service provider or hosting network.

Serverless hosting of web applications via cloudflare and ipfs

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