Serger Training Request

Hi! I took the intro sewing class a few weeks ago, been having a lot of fun making more little bags in my free time. I’d love to get trained on the serger next, is there a class sometime coming up for this?

We should ask @AmeliaG. Some year I’ll get the serger figured out well enough to teach it, but that’s not now.

Unfortunately I sustained a knee re-injury on Tuesday, I cannot walk across my house very well right now. If you can wait till the first week of may, I will likely be ok to walk and can do a one-on-one class then. Otherwise I’ll reach out to some of the other sewists and see if someone else can help walk you through the process.
The other major serger teacher is in the middle of a huge project for the Steamroller Print class.

dang sorry to hear that hope your recovery is going well, no rush I just wanted to get a feel for when I could learn how to use it if I need to wait until may it’s no problem

i’ll be at the SIG meeting 5/9 would you have some time before that to go over the serger?

It is a minimum 2 hr class. There is not time before the SiG meeting. I am still away and will schedule with you once I return.

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