Serger- not working

I’ve been using the serger today and it suddenly stopped working. More specifically, its not sewing the stitch its just letting out thread. I’m a total newbie and have no clue how to try and fix it! Anyone gonna be around today that may be able to look at it?



I am not an expert but this may be caused by running out of one of the bottom threads

Thanks for your response Jacob! There is still plenty of thread but I know that its not set up/wound correctly anymore. I tried to follow the diagram and was unsuccessful re-threading it. :grimacing: I decided to stop before I mess anything up.

That’s a good plan. Who signed you off on the machine?

I believe this is the video I used to use. After threading a serger a few times, it becomes comfortable and quick (except the lower looper on some models). I think it’s the Brother we have that has a cut out on the lower looper that makes it easier.

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Well you showed me how to use the regular sewing machines but another member showed me this one. I didn’t realize I needed a separate sign off, sorry!

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Thank you!!

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