Sendcutsend for laser cut metal parts - recommended

Needed to get some metal laser cut and I wasn’t happy with the pricing that my usual shops in the DFW area were giving me (in their defense, it was a very small prototype run quantity)

I decided to try out one of the online laser cutting services that I have seen advertised widely,

While their automated quoting system didn’t work, someone did reach out within 24hrs and gave me a very, very attractive quote for just 10 pieces. They have a wide variety of metal in stock so I was able to easily get it cut in the material of my choice (0.125" stainless steel brushed finish.) Shipping is also ‘free’ via Fedex Air which was nice. Overall turn around ended up being 4 business days which is faster than I would have gotten from my local supplies.

Overall I’m very, very happy with the service. They apparently have post processing options that aren’t listed on the side (anodizing, sanding, etc.) that you can get quoted via email. Will definitely be using them again.


They sponsored a local battle bots team I was talking with in the metal shop. They had some awesome cut quality on the parts I saw.

Now I need a reason to get laser cut metal parts