Selling 3ft step ladders, wheeled and with railing


Have like 5 ladders that were dumped on me and don’t know what to do with them. Short of dumping them for scrap was wondering if anyone at the space is in need of one or all of them. I have attached images and dimensions written on paper for those curious. Pickup only. Looking for about $20 each but can come to agreement if looking to buy multiple or all of them. feel free to message with any questions.


What part of the metroplex are you/ladders located?


Far North Dallas. Along the George Bush


@Team_Creative_Arts The last platform ladder may be something desired for the new CA room as I recall there were discussions about shelves above the roller cabinets. It is a nice compact stable ladder, This would appear the be ideal. If wanted and someone will pick it up - I’ll pay the $20 as a donation.


Automotive will take one!

I’m willing to retrieve more than just the one I am interested in…


Sure, you got a contact or prefer to PM you with my contact and pickup location? Will it just be one for automotive and one CA?


I’ll PM you my mobile number.

I’d like to think the Space could make use out of more of them in the near future but given the hour of the day…most normal folks haven’t noticed your post yet.


Omg! Can a mere human buy one!!!


I live in the vicinity and am happy top schlep one in for you.


Sure if you can pick up today or this week. PM when you can and contact details


I am in Mount Vernon doing an event light install through the 10th. Who cares where I am… more importantly the truck is there too. I can drive back from there, but I can’t take the truck. (I’m driving the car back on the 6th for the CA potluck.) Any idea how I could do this?


Ain’t that dandy…


-giggle- Yes, Texas. Was in Lubbock last week. We go to all the fun places. :smile:


Next stop…Paris! Or maybe London. How cosmopolitan…


Paris already has a killer set of Christmas Trees, so no lighting to do there this season!

{insert hardly-baked “eyeful tower” jokes here to fulfill the Paris, TX experience}

Never ben to London, TX, though…hmm…roadtrip?


Been to Paris, TX, too, and not London. It’s going on my list!


If there is still one not already spoken for, I’m in.


@Team_Logistics … do you see a need for one of these?


I’ve been thinking that we could use about 3 more stepladders just in the current space, not to mention the need for stepladders in the new space, so – yes.


Paris Texas…Home to a German prisoner of war camp during WWII, now mostly a Texas army national Guard facility with a pretty good outdoor firing range.

P.S. I Picked up and paid for all 5 ladders.

One is getting picked up at my work tomorrow
Two is on hold until Laurie gets back from Paris
Three is for a member named Todd - if you are him - I will bring your ladder with me to the automotive committee meeting weds night at 8pm (I’ll trade you $20 for it)
4 is for automotive