Seeking specific 3m sandpaper

Do any of you luthiers have a local source for 3M Gold Fre-cut sandpaper? TIA.

Huh. I googled 3M gold sandpaper, and came up with “3M Stikit Gold Abrasive”, which came up with a map claiming that Lowe’s, Home Depot, Harbor Freight (!), and Walmart carry it.

Should I assume that that’s the wrong thing?

Although, that could just be that they carry 3M sandpaper in general.

Googling the above came back with Amazon, StewMac, eBay and a host of others. Assuming you did that and must be looking for something local?

Thanks, yes - I’m looking for something local. I just need a few sheets and hate to pay $12 shipping for something that should go with a 55 cent stamp. BTW, I only found it on StewMac … didn’t see it on Amazon.

Don’t know what grit you are after, but:

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