Seeking source for pin chuck

I need to buy a reliable and precise pin chuck; i.e, a pin vise that can be inserted into a larger drill press (or in my case, Sherline mill). It needs to securely hold fairly small bits (#76 - #80), and its shank has to be 3/8" or less (although I would prefer 1/8" if possible). Anyone have suggestions where I could buy this?

I have one - probably intended for Dremel - but either I can’t get the bit in there straight or it wobbles.

Try this chuck, I’ve used it on my Sherlines and it works pretty good for a tool under $10. Caution, it is an adjustable Metric tool. Ha Ha! The Amazon listing offers various sizes in black and aluminum finish. Get 2 of them for under $15, one in each finish.

Metric Mini Chuck

The listing says you can use it with your milling cutters, haven’t tried that yet.

MSC has several types and sets. Of course, they are more expensive than anyone else. here is the link: pin vises