Seeking members and/or input for the Multicam SIG


Mark Salas asked me to head up a SIG for the care & feeding of the Multicam CNC. Initially this is to be focused on getting the Multicam tuned as best we can to fit the actual usage it gets at DMS. Some tasks already underway include replacing the worn out collets and collet nuts, building an inventory of common use bits, replacing the spoilboard, and getting the vacuum holddown to operate more efficiently. An example of a high on the list future item is an improved dust shoe.

Natcha (@Nacho) and Coul (@Coul) are currently signed up to help. If you would like to be an active member of this group or just simply have suggestions on Multicam improvements to be considered, please contact Bert Rabbe (sounds like Robbie) in whatever manner is convenient for you:
[email protected]
text to 972-679-7636


I cant promise I’ll be able to make meetings but I’m interested.


The spindle is making the same sorts of noises the last one made as it was failing. I suggest adding “check / replace spindle” to the to-do list.

At one point there was talk of using a more user friendly collet nut (different wrench). With the impending replacements this would be a good time to resurrect that discussion.

There was talk of obtaining / using a torque wrench to ensure the collet was always correctly tightened. I recall a suggestion that such a tool would provide better access for our physically smaller members.

@themitch22 and I trammed the spindle the last time it was replaced. We used strips of aluminum (beer) can. A set of shims would be a better choice. I suggest adding shims, gauge, and the weird bent bar to the shopping list. (The machine shop may have shims.)

Like @indytruks138, I can’t promise I will be able to help but I am willing to try.


You can buy a pre-set torque wrench non-adjustable, which is a good idea I think.


If history teaches us anything, it is that we will need to buy several…


You can also tether them as well. Lol


Or do what some people do in an effort to keep pens from disappearing; painting it really undesirable color and add a really gaudy silk flower to the handle.


Please add me. I am checked out, but haven’t used it. I am near it often, and am frequently asked questions about it. I would like to be looped in to provide assist.


Please add me as well


I’m in. Go ahead and put me down.


That’s my favorite tool at the maker space. Definitely put me down. I’d love to help maintain it.


Please add me to the list.


I would like to be involved on this as well to learn and help where I can. Thanks!


I don’t have time at the moment to commit too much, but I would ask that for spoil board we should seek out LDF (low or light density depending on who you ask or buy it from). It performs better than MDF in relation to the vacuum table hold down from what I remember.


…and MDF has to be machined on both sides to remove the sealant.

Scroll down to What is MDF?…


I thought this was the de facto standard and always done as a matter best practice? I know I helped heave the oversized 9’x5’ sheets onto the table on more than one occasion, but that was when Alex was more involved in Multicam upkeep.


I’m not sure if that’s been carried forward (I haven’t looked at it in a while). It is a bit more of a PITA due to it being something that can’t just be bought at Home Depot etc. I know one of the places that carries it will deliver if we buy over a certain amount ($300?). Assuming there is storage space, this would probably be the way to go.

Worth mentioning at this time it is not a solo job for most mortals…hehe :laughing:

#18 this is where I used to buy the 5x10 sheets of LDF. I don’t know many places that carry it the larger sheets.


Appreciate all those who have thrown a hat in the ring. Will set up something for group communication in the near future.

Not wanting to reply to all suggestions just yet, but since the spoilboard has drawn so much detail, please be aware that the following was done Dec 10th with significant assistance from Chris Ghaly:
Picked up a 5x10 sheet of LDF from Plywood Company of Fort Worth
Skinned both sides
Sealed all 4 edges and the 5 exposed strips on bottom of board over the t-slots with a diluted glue mixture.
Notched the left edge of the board and mounted so it would not slide on the vacuum pods.

A few days later, Natcha (@Nacho) added glue to the front corners to keep them from lifting up and will be doing the same to the back corners soon.

Improved vacuum holddown performance was seen as a result of this work, but as the board has been milled to maintain a flat top surface, effectiveness has declined. Troubleshooting revealed that the new main system filter is catching a significant amount of dust. I am of the opinion that the board is not being held down to the vacuum pads along most outer edges. This is creating a bypass around the spoilboard and allowing dust to get to the vacuum headers. Plan to address this next week.


Not sure what skills I bring to the group, but definitely willing to help where I can.