Screen printing screens -$10/ea

Someone I know is selling off a ton of 20x24 screen printing frames for $10/ea. Various meshes from 110 up to 230. Says the frames are all clean, but a lot of them need to be reclaimed. It’s a hell of a deal for the right person - these are normally $25/$30, and getting one that’s already work-hardened is great.

Interested? Call or email Michael - [email protected] / 405-412-3096


What does “will need to be reclaimed” mean? I would love to snag several, but I don’t know the lingo.

You will have to remove the emulsion as the screens have been used and thus have an image already on the screen. It’s fairly straightforward and simple to do, and can be done at the space for most of the screens. If the emulsion is especially stubborn you might need a trip to a car wash to use the power washer.

We picked up 8 screens today, and they’re a fantastic deal. A large portion of them are practically brand new and have only been used once.


I completely forgot about this! Did you end up calling or emailing? I need to contact them. Is it far away?

Location of the screens (city)?

It’s in Arlington, 5 minutes away from the Putt Putt mini golf course. (Don’t have the address with me here at work, will post later).

Top Cotton Printing
2142 Corzine Dr
Arlington, TX

It is near Coker’s Barbecue and Campo Verde in South Arlington just off Pioneer Pkwy.

If anyone is going to get screens this week could you get me 5, I don’t have time this week to drive that far south during the day.

I’m going tomorrow, Randy. Any particular mesh sizes?

Darren you quickly discovered that I know very little about screen printing. I signed up for a class a few years ago but came sunday for the Saturday class. Really just want to get some screens so I can try it whenever we have screen printing classes again. So get me whatever a newby might need. I appreciate the help.

If you want to do shirts, then I recommend the 160 mesh screens that he has.

Any recommendation if I’d like screens for card stock?
@darrent If you’re willing to grab me some as well, I’d like to get 3 screens, I need to figure out the mesh size too.

Apologies, Greg. Just now seeing this and have just returned from there.

No worries!

I got a 230 mesh screen for doing things like 1-color posters.

@gtometich, I’m off on Friday, and can go by and see if he still has any screens left.


If you could, I’d like 5 of the t-shirt level screens (if he still has them). Scarborough opens this weekend, so I’m not going to be around from Thursday night to Monday… Monday still looks like my normal afternoon and evenings.

Yes, I will. Any screens that I get may have to be cleaned (reclaimed) before they can be used, but they are in really good shape, otherwise.

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I got you 5 of the 160 screens.

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I’ll be back around Monday afternoon sometime. Then late night Tuesday and Wednesday, afternoon Thursday… Any time in there good for you?

I’ll come by the Space after work on Monday. Probably 5:30-6ish.

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