Screen Printing (creating screen) Class?

I can’t recall who taught the classes last year, but there used to be a class on creating your stencil screens and then I think shortly after (few days later) there was a follow up of actual screen printing basics (granted I could have these two reversed in the timeline, I’ve slept since then). I know a screen printing class was taught this past Saturday, but I didn’t pay attention to what part of the process this was?

Ultimately interested in making my own screen so just want to keep an eye out for the correct class title for what I’m looking for.


There was a t-shirt and a screen creation class this past Saturday. Didn’t get to go to either :frowning:

If this interest is in purchasing a screen and making your own stencil design, then the class to look for something like this:

A variety of instructors teach the above class. The class is offered relatively often.

If the interest is to actually make the screen (frame + screen fabric), then the class to look for is this one:

I’ve only ever seen @Hardsuit teach this particular class.

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Thank you! This helps!

Oooo, I would be interested in a class on making/designing screens as well! Either of those topics would be great.

Thank you both - for bringing up the question and for answering/providing more info.