Scrap of nichrome wire

I have a fun project to cut an acrylic cup lengthwise so I can mount it on a plaque sticking out of the plaque.

I plan to build a fixture to hold the cup while I slide a nichrome wire length wise along the cup. For this project I’ll need a 12 inch long piece of nichrome wire that I can heat enough to melt the acrylic (24-30ga?). I can handle the power supply side with my background in elecronics. I just need to find a good source for the wire. I could buy a whole spool for ~$10+shipping but I’m just going to throw away the other 95 feet when I’m done :slight_smile:. Would anyone have a spool of appropriate gauge and willing to sell me a few feet?

I have none, but recall this post asserting Tanner’s sells it by the foot…

@Team_Ceramics isn’t nichrome used for bead fixtures in kiln? If so maybe one of y’all have a scrap?

I’ll take any scrap you have left over.

The last time I bought some from
Art glass city in Lewisville it was about 5 bucks for a small coil just guessing I think it was 6-8 ft. Call them and ask for specifics on size and length.

If all you’re using it for is a hot knife I have had success with the kanthal wire the VAPE guys use to make their own coils

I met a guy at the Makerspace on Sunday who was using a (nichrome?) wire cutting board setup for foam board. I don’t remember his name, but he’s the Dungeon Master for the Dungeons & Dragons group. You could probably track him down by looking up the calendar entries on our website for that meetup. Good luck.

I wasn’t that guy, but I have a hot wire cutter that I made that uses nichrome (bought at Radio Shack - sorry). I can bring it into the Space for you to use, as long as you promise to replace the nichrome if cutting plastic it too much for it (does fine with 1" XPS foam).

FWIW, Walmart seems to also carry nichrome wire in various gauges for ~$5. Perhaps that’s the most expedient solution.

Thank you for the offer to use your setup. I think I will need something custom because of the shape and size of this thing. The cut needs to be about 8" wide to slice the cup vertically; its a really big cup. I ordered 100’ of 28GA for $6.50. It sounds like DMS will have plenty of uses for my left over 95’.