Sawdust (looking for)

Hello, I am making a sleeve roll and a taylor’s ham for sewing purposes to help me with my cosplay making. It was suggested I could use sawdust as the filling.
It has been before quarantine since I have been an active member. I am not ready to return fully but I was wondering if I may have sawdust from the wood working room? If that is possible and ok?

While I can’t speak authoritatively for the woodshop, it’s apparent that sawdust is a constant disposal problem at DMS thus I imagine you’re welcome to as much of the ~55gal drum that’s seemingly generated at least once daily as you’d like.


Only issue you should be aware of is it won’t be “Clean” sawdust. Besides plain untreated wood, there shouldn’t be any any treated wood saw dust, there is MDF, and maybe small amounts of resin.

These are reasons that saw dust fireplace logs can’t be made out of DMS saw dust.


That’s a good point. I need to do some quick research on that. Thank you

Tractor Supply (and other feed and seed stores like D&L) sell clean softwood (pine?) shavings as bedding. Their “fine” shavings are close to sawdust. You can get all you’d need (and then some) for less than $7.

One bag is close to the size of a 2 drawer filing cabinet.