RPi networking question

Hi all,

I’m racking my brain on this one. I set up an opensprinklerPi for my neighbor and am running into a networking issue.

When I connect it via WIFI or LAN to his network, I can only see inside his network; nothing outside the router. When I connect it to my network either wired or WiFi, it works fine. Within the network, we can access the sprinkler Pi interface and SSH fine, but it can’t see outside for pi updates or even to update the clock.

Same goes for looking at it from the outside in… works on my network, not oh his.

I’ve played with about all the settings I can think of, but am running out of ideas. Anyone wanna spitball some ideas of things to check?

Just using DHCP? It sounds like either the gateway isn’t set properly (could also be a netmask issue, or something wonky in his routing settings). Try comparing the network settings from the pi to a device that’s working.

Yeah, this for sure sounds like it’s been set with a static IP and the gateway is wrong (might be same subnet still).

+1 to making sure it’s using DHCP

Sounds like a) firewall or b) misconfigured network.

What happens when you trace route to from the pi on his network?

Also possibly no/bad DNS configured or learned from DHCP.

possibly no/bad DNS configured

yeah oddly I’ve been having issues with dns on my network (use a mikrotik hAP) but dhcp and everything is well configured and nothing changed. Its gotten to the point where everything has had to be statically configured to use one.one.one.one for the dns instead of my pi hole. I do block DoH though so there might be something changed by google, the CAB Forum, ISP, or IETF that is breaking things.

(or the router has taken a dive)

All in all this is going to be unrelated to Ian’s issue