Roofing... The good or the bad

So I’m getting ready to re-roof my house. I am not going with standard asphalt shingles. I plan on going with steel.

I’m leaning towards stone coat as a choice, really so my house doesn’t stick any more out like a sore thumb.

Anyone had experience with it?
I’ve have been also debating standing seam, Edco (has a 160mph rating)

Yes I know it isn’t going to be cheap but I’m looking long term as I look for the insurance discount, & it likely being the last roof I buy.

I seem to remember some previous discussion about some roofing but I can’t find it with the stinking search.


I can advise on what not to do for a small storage structure, less so an inhabitable building… :joy:


I’ve just had my home re-roofed to suit my HOA’s standards. No steel is allowed. It was pretty expensive even so. I upgraded to high end shingles which are supposed to resist hail damage some.

I recently went to Granbury for a wedding anniversary where the entire place, multiple buildings, was roofed with steel. I asked the owner and he told me that they have saved his facility numerous times during hail storms. They don’t like not being able to host their guests during a re-roof so he believes that steel has paid for its added cost numerous times. (Would you pay premium money to stay in a place while it was being re-roofed?) Here’s where we stayed:

It was a very beautiful, comfortable place and the staff treats you like you’re royalty.

Sounds like a great Dynatorch project. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Figuring out sound dampening can be a real challenge. My parents have a cabin with a nearly flat steel roof (about 7 degree pitch) and pretty much any rain sounds like it is about 7 times more rain falling than there really is. The stone coat should help, but see what your other options are. Another building they have on the same site has some packaged radiant barrier, which is white on the outside, but has many layers of reflectorized Mylar stacked on the inside, and that building is much quieter, even in areas without Sheetrock and fiberglass insulation like in the cabin.


Steel is a great way to go in Texas - plus it will cut your homeowners’s insurance in half vs asphalt shingles.

The key thing you have to ask your insurance agent with a steel roof is if Texas hail causes dings in the roof will your insurance company replace the roof or not? This is “cosmetic” not structural and falls under a different cost for coverage if available.
The stone coat texture may hide or camouflage any small dings on the flat areas.

I don’t live in an HOA and never will.

I prefer freedom of choice.


This is what I was looking at. I got 2 prices for Decra & Roser. They are within about 300$ of each other.

I re-roofed with 28 ga R-panels, painted in beige, affixed with self-sealing screws. They were so light, I didn’t remove the old roof, so I didn’t have to redo the pipe seals. They’re good to 140mph wind, baseball hail, and cut my A/C bill by 50% (they kill the Sun’s infrared 100%).

Can you spot my house from the air?


These are the ones I’m looking at

I forgot I was looking at these too

Lovely, the tech has come a long way.

Have you seen the solar power shingles, that look like slate and terracotta? Pricey and gorgeous.

It will only take 5 years for them to get it installed, going by the Tesla standard. Lol. And I’ll have to come up with a lot more cash. Already almost paying 20k for one out of pocket now.

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For those that are curious, Here is my new roof installed.
I went with Roser Weathered Timber. My AC has actually been shutting off during the day after its been installed.


Tim, you might consider investing in a Nest thermostat if you haven’t already. I know that AC is your business, but my Next has drastically reduced my electricity costs. It routinely sets our thermostats at ECO settings in our absence and then returns them to regular settings before we get home.

I installed one in my mother-in-laws place in Houston and it cut the power in half. (No one lives their regularly any more.)

Nice looking roof.

Looks nice, how does pricing compare to composite shingles. Every roofer I have talked to said metal was 2 or 3 times more expensive.

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Twice the cost. I had them quote me class 4 asphalt, it was about 10k, this was right at 20k. I will never have to worry about this roof again, hopefully. 50 year warranty that incudes hail to 2.5” coverage.


Thanks! I have installed two class 4 roofs and both were total losses after hail storms. I haven’t done mine yet from last year just because I wanted to wait and not pay two deductibles so close together. It is silly to keep replacing the roof over and over.

If you don’t mind my asking, what’s the impact to your homeowners insurance?


Too early to tell. I haven’t sent my paperwork in yet.

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You can look on the state website, each county has a different reduction. Denton county was 26% reduction for class 4 hail resistant roofing last time i did it. There is a form you submit to your insurance for the discount.

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Lol. I have my form, just got it last week. My roof also has a 120 mph wind rating.

Been a little busy