Romanian AK bayonet

I need some help to sharpen and make a sheat for this knife
Perferably one that can cut live electrical wire, but the sheat just has to not cut me

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Ahh SHEAT! :smile:

Cool knife,
Why do you want to cut live electrical wire with the knife? Cutting wires doesn’t require all that fine of an edge, just something remotely sharp. For that kind of use a pull through sharpener should work fine. Example,

These are cheap and can be purchased at wally world. Just pull your blade through till you have some kind of an edge. An added bonus is you can keep the sharpener with you to resharpen the blade after you roll the edge.

As for your Sheat or Sheath, I would suggest reaching out to @Team_Creative_Arts and talk to one of our fine leather workers. A simple leather fold over sheath with a belt loop would likely work really well. Wet forming isn’t required, but is a nice touch.

Here is a link to a How-To as well.

I would strongly recommend a welt for a fixed-blade knife. A welt is a third piece of leather sewn in between the front and back pieces which makes more room for the blade and more importantly protects the threads from the blade’s cutting edge.

I’ll be at DMS tonight (Thursday) if you’d like help laying out a sheath design.


The ak bayonets of the period come with a sheath that doubles as a handle to use the back edge of the blade tip as wire cutters.


Why would you want to cut wire? The Bayonet is a true Tactical knife that served many purposes. One of those was the removal of obstructions like Barbed and Concertina wire.