Robot Rebellion 2.1

It is almost that time again…

Sunday, March 25, 2018
The action starts at high noon.


I’m going to try and make it

I feel the need to recognize Jennifer Cartright who spends many hours immediately before the events making awards and shirts.



Props to Jennifer, the gear awards were well received yesterday.

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One of the best matches in the Ant (1 lb) class. One of the bots has a large vertical saw weapon that gets knocked off early. After the saw weapon goes flying, the commentator says “…and that’s why we have the Lexas (enclosure)…”.

Lots of flying bots and sparks.


I cannot believe I forgot to pass on the big announcement from yesterday: Battlebots is coming back. They will be filming in LA in the coming weeks and it will air on Discover Science in the summer.

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