Revit RFA to STL

Does anyone have a tool to convert revit files to STL without using Revit? Do we have a Revit license? Can seem to import it into Fusion or Meshmixer

Yes, Revit is in digital media on DMOne (Big screen by rackmount)

Thank you. Is it accessible via RDP?


@Kevin Thank you.

I now have the DWG files…I tried using AutoCAD 2020. I found the function to export to STL, but cannot seem to select the wire frame model and finish the export. Is their a utility which could help?

IDK off hand in 2D CAD program AutoDesk. But all the 3D programs can do it now problem just open it in Fusion for cloud translations or Inventor for local. My theory here is stl is a 3D model file format and you’re using a 2D program at heart. Add another dimension and your problems will go away magically