Return of the domino and other stuff

I was busy proving in the new domino file today. Here is the front side. It ran with zero issues and should have less tool breakage than the old file.

There is one issue with the MasterCam gcode. It issues a G187 ( an accuracy command) which our old 1992 HAAS does not understand and so errors out. It is easily fixed by removing the line of code. I’ll be talking to MasterCam so see how to modify the post processor or machine parameters so it doesn’t add this.

Who ever used the HAAS last left some chips in the machine. Please don’t be THAT guy. cheers!


Thank you very much Nick. I will have a chat to that guy.


I have modified my machine control definition in my MC so that it doesn’t post a gcode G187.
We should only have to do it once. I’ll be happy to help with that once we get the MC installed.

Shouldn’t be a problem on the Tormach when we get to that point since it uses the Fanuc post processor.