Retro-Tech Antique Technology Show - Saturday, March 14

Retro-Tech Enthusiast:

The Show is only two weeks away - Saturday March 14, 2020 (the second Saturday)!

The Show will again be held at the Hurst Conference Center (, located at 1601 Campus Drive, Hurst, Texas. Admission is $5.

Tables are still available. Six-foot tables are $35 each, or $30 for three or more tables.

Please be sure to visit the show’s web site: At the website are all the details for the upcoming Show, along with flyers you can print and share.

If you are interested in tables or have other questions please drop me a line at [email protected].

Please help make this Show a success. Pass on information about this Show to your friends and associates who may be interested.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the Show.

Mike Sebastian

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Ping to the top again. Show is this Saturday

They may be cancelled, Dallas issued a state of emergency last night and all events over 500 people are cancelled.

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I have attended this show for the past 5 or 6 years. This is not a large Technology Show, the Hotel’s room is about half the the size of our Flex Area. At most there will be 25 vendors and maybe 30 to 40 other people in the room.