(Resolved) Seeking volunteer to 3D print 1 item for Jewelry committee

Would someone be willing to print (in filament) one of these angled build plate holders (for draining resin)? Jewelry needs one for our newest Mars printer.

I believe that when printing something for a committee, 3D Fab will waive the filament charge.

If you’re willing to print this for us, the STL is in the committee drive.

Thanks in advance!



When do you and the committee need it?

Preference of ABS or PLA?

I am out of town now, but if it is not done when I get back, I would be happy to do it

Just post here if it gets printed


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Thanks. If someone else volunteers I’ll be sure to let you know.

  1. No hurry whatsoever.
  2. No preference ABS/PLA.

@engpin printed this for us. Thanks very much Jayson!!


I neglected to mention this originally. Although the original design came from Thingiverse, it used metric bolts. This design has been modified to use 8-32 bolts and nuts.