[Resolved]-Router Table sounds “off”

Using router table today, and the tone it makes changed to a higher pitch, so I shut it down. Bit seemed to stop more quickly than usual. Changed bit and made sure everything looked secure, still sounded “off”. Discontinued project and unplugged. Not sure what else to do.

(Don’t have green dot yet, so may be in wrong forum/format. Apologies if there is protocol I didn’t follow, still new.)

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Thanks, I will check it out tomorrow.

Request Greet Dot here: #00-member-access-green-dot

Time to quit requiring the dot for Issues & Requests?

Confusion and delayed reporting continues.

Plus having Issues & Requests public indicates to other makerspaces how an all-volunteer organization can effectively handle problems.


If someone’s on the machine they’re either a member or trespassing. I agree with ditch the green dot.

Sounding off issue… resolved
Router has a bad bearing.
Replaced the router with spare…

@jast would you please close this mark at resolved