[Resolved] Anybody with a 3D printer at home? Need 2 small parts printed

Hi All,

I’m replacing the camshaft and crankshaft seals in my old car ('97 Chrysler Sebring JXi 2.5L) and the process requires special tools that no longer exist. The ‘tools’ are 2 simple cylinders that slide over the shafts and allow pressure to be applied evenly to the seals to set them in place in the block at a specific inset distance from the face of the races.

Not a complicated model at all, as they’re just cylinders with holes in them. I just don’t currently have any way to print them.

The approximate sizes are:

Diameter for both cylinders: 2.25" or 57.15mm
Center hole in both cylinders: 1.4375" or 36.5mm

Rear seal tool cylinder length: 2" or 50mm
Front seal tool cylinder length: 3" or 76mm

I used a 25% infill setting and standard wall thicknesses. Color is irrelevant.

I printed the tools using ABS in 3D Fab just before DMS shut down due to the COVID-19 situation, but when I got the cam gears off the car I discovered I’d made the shaft holes slightly too small to fit over the shafts and I need to correct the .stl model and re-print.

Is there a fellow Maker out there with a 3D printer at home that I could pay to print my tools? I could pay you via PayPal and you could set them outside your door and I could come get them so we can maintain the whole social distancing thing. I will provide the .stl files and/or .gcode files. Doesn’t have to be ABS, but something with a similar strength would be perfect.

Thought I’d try my fellow Makers before seeking a print service here in the DFW area.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Could you just sand the hole slightly larger using a dowel and some sandpaper on the inside of the tool?

I can print the resized parts for you, but I live east of Allen in Lucas (15 mins east of 75 & Bethany). I’ll send you a PM with my email/phone to discuss if you decide the drive is worth it.


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I may have to try something like that, but I was stupid and made the hole about .0625" or 1.5875 mm too small.

I appreciate the suggestion, though! Thanks!

Perfect. Know exactly where Lucas is. I built a whole bunch of houses in Lucas when I was a kid.

Thank you for the offer, Mike. Very gratefully appreciated!

Please do send that PM, if you would.

already done

Parts have been printed, delivered, and appear to be viable for executing the auto repair.


Thank you for printing these tools for me. Very gratefully appreciated!


might be a small market for this on ebay.

Perhaps making a mold of the parts and casting them in resin would be quicker than printing on demand. Three parts @0.2mm layer height, 5 shells, and a beefy 60% fill takes 15+ hours to print one set. Casting would take 1/2 an hour from one mold.

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