Resin SIG great start


I think some photos of various ways members have incorporated resins into their work would be very attention-grabbing. For example, one of @lordrook’s spheres, one or two of the pendants made in his classes, a turned resin handle, one of @Kriskat30’s resin pour artworks, one of Max’s silicone mold castings, etc.





Yes please!


I missed the meeting Friday. Will there be minutes or notes from the meeting available on the wiki?


The highlights are that we had about 23 people showed up which was awesome, we will be spending our seed money on dyes and pigments, some molds are going to be donated by members, for now we will remain under creative arts and when the Plastics committee is formed we will discuss moving to under them, we will be developing some basic safety training to use the pressure pot and vacuum chamber (both of which are confirmed to work), and @Edenblue and I will be meeting to discuss SIG rules before the next meeting.


Please add me to @Team_Resin


@teamresin I’ve added everyone so far - I’m available most easily by text four six nine 223-2692. Will have more news this weekend.


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Thank you, I’m a Jim when it comes to forums.


Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone kow I havew added 3 resin classes on the event callender for Sunday the 13th starting at 2:00, I just added them so it might take a day or two for them to show up.

The classes are
Resin pouring basics
Resin Cold casting with brass and copper
Resin mold making.

If there are any questions please message me. and keep an eye out for the classes.


Can you specify in your class descriptions, the types of resins used? I assume different resins and uses for different practical applications.

And THANK YOU for stepping forward to teach more resin/mold classes!


Scott, I have added the inof for the resin class,this time around I am using basic polyurethane resin, the kind for cosplayers. I will have examples of others in the class as well.