Resin SIG great start


Resin SIG meeting was well attended tonight. Very excited about it and super pleased that @Edenblue stepped up to lead. Please post here if you would like to be added to @Team_Resin.


Yes please.

(Sadly I was not able to attend.)


Please add me to @Team_Resin


Please add me to @Team_Resin as I was a walk-in rather than signed in thru calendar. thanks.


It was a very productive and exciting meeting. Can’t wait to start this and get dirty! If you attended last night’s meeting and want to be part please post here and I’ll get you added. Everyone had great ideas!


Congratulations and condolences to @Edenblue :grin: for taking on the position of Sig Leader. Just some administrative reminders.
Since you asked about what the SIG leader does, I think you can use the guidelines of what a committee chair does. here is a link to what I wrote down for the Machine shop. Role of the leader

It is important to create a WIKI page. @John_Marlow is a tremendous help with that. And also for creating a category under TALK if wanted. Here is the one I did for Plastics: WIKI page. It will be shorter than a committee page but it gives you the freedom to add links to other relevant committee pages and set your own content.

Since there is a lot of potential for cross pollination with other committees, here is a link to the current list of chairs and groups. current chairs
I belive @uglyknees created this, so you might ask her to add you in, as well as to invite you to the occasional Beer and Bi*ch session (one is scheduled for January I believe).

While there are no hard requirements for SIGs to meet, it is generally a good idea. The Woodturning SIG meets once a month (except this month). It is generally a round table discussion and pot-luck format and then some sort of short demo. Next month will be a slide show, so it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Oh, and we genreally put a challenge with the meeting for show and tell. next month for instance is a small turned bowl.

Best of luck. cheers!


Yes please.


Please add me and my superfluous characters.


Add me too, please.


Please add me too, I gave you my contact info last night and am willing to help out with anything we need.


Thanks @nicksilva! I’m currently working on the wiki and your info is very helpful. I’ll reach out to John and Nicole as well.


Please add me as well! It was really nice to see so many folks enthused about the art.

@Edenblue also feel free to reach out to me for any assistance. And let’s carve out some time to discuss a 101 class on using the pressure pot and vacuum chamber to get folks signed off on their usage. Both have some dangers (explosion and implosion). By themselves that’s not a full class so we’ll need to fill in some time talking about payment for consumables, cleanup for resin spills, and time consideration for others to use the equipment.


@Lordrook I live right up the street from DMS and am available most weeknights and weekends. I know you said you were busy this weekend but let me know when you have time. I have some ideas for other classes as well.


Please add me to Team Resin too.


Me, me, me! Like Nick I was not pre-registered.

And thanks for agreeing to lead our rag-tag crew, @Edenblue.


yes please!


You might want to consider adding an overview of the various types of resins, their properties, and their respective use applications to this class.

I would be happy to work toward being a learned Resin SIG member who could also disseminate knowledge to others.


Please add me to the SIG mailing list. I wasn’t able to attend the meeting but am very interested to see how this develops.



I’d love to be a part of this as well!


@Team_Resin Please add your names to the (work in progress) WIKI.

Any and all ideas welcome, I just fleshed it out today.