Resin Painting - Fine Art Demo This Saturday - June 22, 2019!

Hey Y’all!
Just wanted to remind everyone that our Resin Demo is this Saturday at 1. Here is the link to the demo listing in events:

This will be just a demo to go over everything resin painting. The following weekend we are planning on teaching a hands on class/workshop where we will help show everyone how to make their very own piece of fine resin art. This demo will be just to introduce everyone to our art and to show you what we will be teaching during our class.

Also, the listing for registration is saying it is closed for some reason - but I welcome as many people as possible to come and join us. Personally, I don’t care if you register in advance or not :slight_smile:


A guess … cut-off time was shown for 1 pm today. Maybe a typo?
Looking forward to the demo.

There is enough space left for lots more people. They set it up with cancellation up to 1 day prior which closes it off today. That’s ok, there’s still space even if you cant sign up! Come out and support this event!


It’s on my to-do list. And you know it’s gonna be cool when Bert’s here on a weekend.


Plus a very rare weekend when the granddaughters are not in a basketball tournament!

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Is this going to be the table top demo?

Be there either way gang some stellar epoxy and art content! :hugs:

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This one won’t be the table top but we may have enough resin with us to do that as well