Rescheduled/Updated Dynatorch Practice

The yard art class has been rescheduled for wed. June 19th at 6:30 PM. Per Jim, you do not have to be an approved user to take the class. You simply will not be allowed to run it yourself. Students must wear proper PPE.

Class takes you from an analog design process all the way to the finished product (minus grinding)…great way to practice making vectors.


I recommend elaborating for those people that may not be trained on the machine and therefore don’t know what proper PPE is. Or even what the acronym means.

What’s the point of allowing non trained students, anyway?

Edit: oh, I see now. Vectors to gcode practice. Makes sense.

Double secret ninja edit to clarify

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I put it on warnings but to be in the metal shop for Cam Sheet and cutting you’ll need safety glasses, natural fibers, and close toed shoes. If time allows I’m able to run the cuts for a student who isn’t cleared yet in the Dynatorch.

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I strongly recommend that students for this class take Hot Process Safety Sunday evening. It will appear on the calendar late Tuesday night. Natural fibers include socks; people tend to forget about them.