Requesting screen printing training

Hey! I just joined makerspace and need training for clearance to use the screen printing tools and didn’t see any classes.

Is there anyone who can help me out? I’m available this week after 6 :slight_smile:

@Team_Printmaking Which, intriguingly, does not tag @lisaletters. Tags bunches of folks that I don’t know or who aren’t at DMS anymore, but not the chair…

@dryad2b Thanks for letting me know! :blush: Do I need to change the tag to a different one? If so, what?

Nah. I effectively tagged them into this conversation. I know zip about print making. While putting a post in the right category is a help, this will give them personally a heads-up about the post. If I were you, I’d go back to your dye-sub post, and see if there’s a team dye sub to tag.

For instance, when you replied to my post, I got a little blue circle, and it was in my list of notifications to be easily clickable. Actually, I see that you tagged me. Which can also put a little blue circle on my pic, letting me know things are out there specifically for me to read.


The Printmaking area holds monthly meetings in which you can attend and meet the team that works in that area. We also discuss what is happening in our area and who is available to teach and when. Our meeting this month is scheduled for 11/19 @ 7pm.

Join us to meet the rest of the DMS print monkey team.



Thank you!! :blush:

Hi @lisaletters , I’ll totally pop by the meeting and say hi!

So, I would have to wait until the 19th to set something up? I took a few screen printing classes three years ago. Is there any way I could just get clearance earlier?

@lisaletters just making sure you saw my last comment


Yes, I have seen your request and it is on the agenda. You will have a chance to talk directly to the individuals that oversee the printmaking area, if you come to the meeting. You can ask them directly about their availability. The COVID issue has caused some problems with availability of some of our instructors. Hope to meet you on Thursday.


I had something come up and will not be able to attend the meeting. Please let me know if you or anyone else can meet me soon to get certified.


We had the meeting last night and determined we will not be holding classes in the foreseeable future in screen printing. I don’t teach screen printing, I’m a letterpress printer myself. We may have a block printing class coming up in December, but have not settled on the details for that yet. Watch the events calendar in December to see if that class becomes live. COVID has caused many areas to shy away from holding classes at this time. Keep checking the events calendar and/or talk for announcements from me when we will start things back up. Thanks for your patience.