Request: fume extractor upgrade for soldering stations

I was soldering up a batch of boards in the electronics area and wanted to use a fume extractor. I could only find two fume extractors, both which had rather dirty filters and the solder smoke was blowing straight through it. Can we get better fume extractors for the soldering stations? Is there a better way for me to request this? Getting a fume extractor with better filtration & an adjustable hose would be amazing & would make me feel better about soldering in the electronics area.

Here is an example of a smaller desktop one that has more than just a carbon filter

And an example of a larger one that could sit on the floor for quieter operation/take up less tablespace.

Thank you for the consideration.

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On an unrelated note … Welcome back!!

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@artg_dms 0123456789

Looking into this.
Hakko has replacement filters -

Need to verify our model.
Also looking at the desktop model w/ replacement filters -

side note: the small shop vac on top of the pcb mill cart has a HEPA filter system. Not convenient to use, but will get the job done.

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thanks Art! I would be happy to contribute $$ towards the purchase of any of this. :pray: It’s worth noting that the desktop model w/ hose has additional filtration than the carbon foam insert that the smaller filter uses.

just a heads up, I grabbed some cheap filter replacements and installed them in the 2 fume extractors in the electronics area and left the replacements on the shelf of other consumables. I do hope the convo about adding additional fume extractors of better quality continues, as it would be a great addition to the other existing soldering stations, and for future soldering workshops.