Replace holddown / clamping kits?


Not sure if there is a better place to post nice to have / suggestions to buy for machine shop, but can we replace the holddown / clamping sets in machine shop? It appears that the nuts are disappearing (could only find two out of both sets today) and most of the studs are cross threaded and short lengths are missing.

Only $50 for a super cheap set


Please no cheap fixes. Let’s buy the good stuff. In the end it’s always cheaper.


There are 2 sets by the haas and more in the cabinet.


There is also a box near the bottom of the cabinet with misc parts in it.


Here is a TeCo set from KBC Tools for 78. (not sure on shipping) or same thing from Amazon for 81 (free shipping)

The set by Haas and in cabinet are at least a few years old and are incomplete with broken / stripped threads


I don’t think I’ve ever had trouble finding screws etc for hold downs that aren’t stripped, and I just go through the cabinet behind the bridgeport and occasionally the bin next to the haas.

not gonna pretend they don’t scatter, but that’s not a reason to buy a new set. We need to buckle down and sort the cabinets and parts scattered.


the sets are fine, we are not replacing them at this point.