Reloading Equipment at Real Production Scale


@Axel_Ohmstede and @Gimli,
Have either of you seen one of these IRL?

Remington #223 Brass Case processing system
BLISS 162 Case Press operations:
Deprime, Size, Trim, Custom Swage Machine: Swage Primer Pocket
Processes: 5000-6000 PPH
Equipment was designed and purpose built in 2017 to reduce fired brass case processing costs and increase quality in house.


Low low price of 299,000. Lol


Thats a whole lot of rounds to break to even on that thing.


I’ll order three …



If you can buy 223 brass dirty once fired from a range at scrap price of $2.20 per pound and sell the finished cleaned and processed brass for $27.50 per 250 pieces. You would only have to run the machine for 598 hours, or 75 days (8 hours per day) before you broke even. I mean that is a deal however you slice it. LOL

But, I wan’t suggesting in anyway that we buy this beast, just thought it was an interesting tool that I had not seen before.

PS, don’t check the math, I’m pretty sure it is wrong. :crazy_face: