Reinvention of the Scrap Store - they are asking for help

Scrap in Denton was a strange store - sometimes a windfall sometimes a fun little walkabout. Basically a thrift store for creative reuse. A place to donate and a place to buy all non-profit.

Covid did done them in.

The concept is rising again under a new team and direction and if you’re purging craft supplies they would love to help take them off your plate read below

Happy new year! I have some good news! Some former SCRAP Denton employees are starting a new creative reuse center in Denton! Do you have some creative materials to donate to help them build up their inventory? They are accepting a lot of what SCRAP did, but have some different limitations. They are doing local donation pick ups and online sales for now until a brick and mortar is possible. Check them out and help spread the word if you can.
Thistle Creative Reuse:


Thanks for that link !!
I used to donate frame corner samples and misc framing materials to SCRAP in Denton. I look forward to re-homing hundred of pounds of material for creative minds vs the dumpster.


Awesome!!! I hope this store stays afloat.

thank you for this post. I was unaware until now. Perfect.