Registering family member for event?

Hi there! I recently signed up with a family member add on to get access to the ceramics studio. I was able to sign up for the Ceramics 100 class, but can’t figure out how to sign the other person up as well. We wanted to take it together but it won’t let me register again! Any help would be appreciated. : )

Go ahead and bring the other person and I will have them write down name and email for when things get fixed :+1:


They would need to signup via the calendar system with their own login. But looks like @coffeebean is being excellent to accommodate your request.


Thank you so much!! :clap::tada:

Yes, please do try signing in with their own log in. But if that still does not help, go ahead and have them come with


I’m not quite sure how to get them their own login. I don’t see a way to do that from my account? Sorry for the confusion!

They need to be added in Maker Manger.

Page 7 for Family Add-on.
Also, that guide should help you get your FOB added, which I can see hasn’t been done.

Awesome, thank you!

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Hi! I’m here! Thanks so much for the help everyone!