Recruiting ML, Front End and Software Engineer in Pittsburgh, PA


Want to move away from the hot heat of the winter?

Want to embrace buying a new car every 5 years?

We’re hiring!


All positions are in-house only, no remote work.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Maybe in a year, you will own the place and can open a branch office in Carrollton…


or a used one every year


Based strictly upon the job openings, it seems like a cool job. :slight_smile:


I could triple my salary and I’d still be good with buying a used car every 10 years.


“Weight Savings”



“Just getting broke in” :smiley:


Less weight saves fuel and increases power


That’s the reason my moms family in MN does not buy used cars. They were driving down the road when their frame/unibody split in half.


Just had a buddy buy a 70 VW Bug from Washington. He bought it online sight unseen. Can’t wait to know the rust situation when it arrives in Dallas.


Job for JB Weld.


If it there was any entry level work, be lovely. Otherwise know limited data science visualization with R Studio



Don’t tell employers what you can’t do, tell them what you can do. Believe in yourself. Think positive.

From their website: “We Are Looking For Intelligent, Hard Working Self Starters.” If that’s you, then submit an application. The worst that can happen is they reject it, or you get an interview and they pass, but at least you got some interviewing experience!

You can do it…Go get 'em!!


Now looking for:

Head of Customer Success

Marketing Assistant / Graphic Designer

Enterprise Software Sales Executive



A couple of friends from Minneapolis were talking and one grumbled about rust on his car. The other responded, “How much rust? Does it throw a shadow?”

North Texas may not be perfect but our cars will run for decades.


The biggest benefit of the MN winters was that if you had a part going bad (like an alternator), you could just drive around behind someone with the same car, and eventually pick up that part off the side of the road after it’s brackets had all rusted off.


No problem. I have an old Subaru that is just itching to be in some wintery weather. :grinning:


@LukeStrickland … are you trying to lure people out of Texas? :stuck_out_tongue:


He may be wanting a nucleus to build another makerspace…


Pittsburgh isn’t too bad, spend a bit of time out that way. Would be a great place for Hipsters and Steampunks.