Recommendation for a VPN

I’ looking for a good VPN for windows and android
I’ve see on the web good reports on:

This is for home use. I have 1 gig fiber connection with AT&T. I’m currently using the free version on ProtonVPN which works OK but has a very small number of sites available for free and most are near capacity. I’m looking for speed, security, inexpensive and the ability to pick a US server. I don’t need to have the very best security - The government is not coming after me.


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If you are technically inclined you could spin up your own VPN instance in the cloud.

I’m unsure why you desire a VPN from a US ATT Fiber endpoint to a US egress point though perhaps it’s to keep ATT systems from gleaning information from your traffic for their ad’s and related fiscal endevours?

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The reason i want a vpn is to keep at&t from collecting information about me.

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I use Windscribe. Pretty happy with it’s capabilites. They are an actual p[rivacy VPN…not all of them are. Although I guess at end of the day we are always pretty much taking their word for it. I especially like that if you just want to use a subset of their country locations, e.g. just U.S., or U.S. and Canada, you can build a custom plan. I pay $3/month for unlimted data w/access to any server in U.S. plus their " R.O.B.E.R.T." feature. They have both a desktop client plus browser; when used together with differnet servers (IPs), they really mask the fuzzy crap out of your internet traffic. But not your regular car traffic, which is alway being watch, monitored, and recorded by Google, Tesla, NSA, FBI, and ChiComms, and anyone that has put an Apple Air tag in you back seat…

A friend has tried a number of VPNs on their ~1Gb symmetric fiber connection and indicated that none of the providers they’ve tried can sustain >300Mb; I don’t have a list, but given their proclivities I believe they’ve motivated to find the best-performing option.

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I’ve used this one for years:

Works well on the phone also.

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I used ExpressVPN for a couple of years. Very pleased with the ease of use and speed. Should probably renew but have been lazy.

I chose them because they are based in a country that would not cough up data should the need ever be challenged. If you play around with signing up and walking away (give an email but leave it in the cart), I think the going rate was about $69 for almost two years.

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I use ExpressVPN mainly due to the nature of web development. Sometimes it is valuable to see the sites from other locations in the world. An unexpected benefit is checking SSL certs that occasionally are slow to update on renewal.


I use WTFast for gaming primarily. It was suggested to me by a guildmate and it did resolve my lag issues in raids. It never caused any problems, but IDK think it hides your IP address or some of the stuff dedicated VPNs do. That’s abt all I know abt it.