Reactivate membership

I had an account over a year ago, and it expired. I’m going to sign up again now, and was told my previous certifications will automatically transfer over (Woodshop 101/102 I think it was) as long as I use the same email.

Will someone be around this morning to help me reactivate my fob (I still have it) and gain access?

Chris Sinclair

Once you’ve paid, you should be able to go to this link
and activate your fob. You still have it, yes? If you don’t, you can ring the bell at the official entrance, and someone should come let you in. Eventually… That seems to be more likely in the afternoons and evenings. It only rings in the lobby and the new Common Room, so most of DMS can’t hear it.

Oh, and the fobs are in a fancy wood box at the end of the table with all the computers.

@dryad2b Thank you! I will try this with my fob when I get home. I assume the little plastic blue fob has numbers on it somewhere? I’ve never really looked before or noticed.

They should be etched on it.