Raspberry PI Projects

I just bought a RPI 5. I’m looking for a project to use it on :grinning:

I own RPI Picos, Zeros, Pi1, Pi2, Pi3, PI4 and now the PI5. I also have other IoT capable microprocessors used for various things, including an NVIDIA Jetson Nano for AI applications, a number of Arduinos and various ESP32s. I also own a number Adafruit Circuit Express boards, too. They all have their own type of programming and application fun. Most can use python or something similar to develop in, but there is a ton of open source software available, too. Here’s another cool little microprocessor board that behaves like a Leonardo Arduino.

I’ve deployed multiple PI-HOLE RPIs, Octoprint, AI video apps, various temp, pressure, color senors etc.
The projects available online are endless and some are really cool.

My question to the community is what projects have you done that you really like? The PI-hole implementation is worth every penny and effort as it greatly eliminates advertisements from several streaming applications so if you haven’t deployed it you should.

Electronic games are made cleaner, too.

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Doug Kilgore, KD5OUG, and I built up a package for a high altitude balloon launch that went to 90,000 feet based on an Arduino Nano. It’s documented in two articles of the March 2019 newsletter of Richardson Wireless Club here:

I’ve done a bunch of Arduino Nano, ATtiny85, ESP8266 and now Raspberry Pi Pico W based classes at DMS. One of my current activities started as designing a simple board with a few components for a Pico. It grew a lot and is gathering a lot of attention which, I hope, can result in a DMS group project for a Pico development board.

My latest purchase is the Milk V Duo, now $5 board containing a 1GHz RISC-V CPU, MicroSD, 64MB RAM and 26 GPIO pins that runs Linux.

This looks interesting. Combined with the IO Expansion board it looks like it has some interesting possibilities. $20 for the pair. I still like my RPIs a lot. Linux in all kinds of variants. All open source for the most part.


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we demo’d YOLO on the raspi5 today, you might want to check it out.
yolo.pdf (62.6 KB)

What AI Video app did you use? I have been wanting to tinker with AI video tracking since the Kinect was diskinected by Microsoft. :smirk:

Multiple video stream analytics on a Jetson Nano.

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