Rapid CNC Job request


I am looking to get a part machined with a very fast turnaround. I need it by Tuesday of next week (8/4). I am hoping there is someone in this community that might be able to help me out. This, is a paid job and willing to pay a rush charge.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, you can reach me at [email protected] or 817-291-2267.

Thank you!

May I suggest that you give a better description of the end product. Is it made of wood, plastic, metal, bigger than a kitchen toaster? These answers will get you in touch with the interested parties a lot faster.

Great suggestion, Rich. Thank you.

I need the part machined from aluminum. It’s roughly 9.6" x 3" x 4.4". It has large holes on each side with tapped holes for mounting hardware. It does have a detailed knife edge for sealing to a gasket around the mouth of two of the holes.

Hope this helps describe it better.

Do you happen to already have a chunk of aluminum that size? Lead time on the material could be an issue.

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You might try onlinemetals.com, they apparently carry 3" thick plate in 2024. Minimum size is 12" x 12" enough for two parts, cost would be about $570 with tax or $285/part if you made two.

Of if you bought a full sheet (4’ x 12’) you could get the cost down to less than $181 per part … maybe $140 with proper nesting, but a full sheet is $16,428 with tax.

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Hey everyone. Thank you for checking out my post. I appreciate the suggestions. I was able to find a shop to fulfill my request by Tuesday next week.


I recommend xometry.com for this stuff, of course you pay for rush jobs, but they offer US based CNC service.