Quilted plague mask

I wish my sewing skills were this refined

Here it is! The instructions to make a pieced and quilted plague doctor mask! Just as a heads up, this pattern is not really recommended for beginners. There is not a whole lot of explanation of the...


I wish I had those fabrics in my stash.

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Here are the instructions if you’re interested in going on this adventure. https://mctreeleth.tumblr.com/post/615290993946820608/here-it-is-the-instructions-to-make-a-pieced-and


Would love to see it! Are you going to use clear vinyl for the eyes?

Oh I personally don’t have any plans to make one right now; just sharing for those interested.

I read that too fast. Well I hope someone quilty like @BarkingChicken or @jrkriehn might tackle this!

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I’m planning to do a not-as-much-piecing version first, and see if the big plastic curtain grommets will work for the eye-covers.


If you need clear vinyl I have some.

I also may be able to make them on my embroidery machine for you, the eye circle things.

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Finally [mostly] finished it :slight_smile: