Quick questions

I am considering joining. Took the Thursday tour. What is the process / schedule for me to be able to use the large equipment in the woodworking area I do not see any training class scheduled.

How do I get certified to use the table saw, planer and sanders?


@Team_Woodshop is best equipped to answer this.


There are a couple of ways to get trained to use the equipment:

  1. Attend the four Woodshop Basic Classes [Woodshop 1-4]. I try to teach them at least once a month - and target twice a month [work schedule & life gets in the way]. We do have other instructors [and always welcome more], but I am not sure of their schedules. I schedule mine about 7-10 days out once I know my work schedule. I am targeting 1/14 [WS1&2] and 1/16 [WS3&4], but won’t know until next week. I also limit my classes to 4-5 people, more than that really pushes the classes late [two classes a day run 6:30-10pm].

  2. Attend a “Bread Board Boot Camp” class put on by Mark Salas [@Mrksls2]. He typically offers them during a Saturday or Sunday and schedules them about 7-10 days out. In December he taught 5 of the classes and would expect/assume a similar number during January.

All classes are first come first serve - which can be a pain, considering it is a required class, takes lots of time, and few people decide to teach it. I would also suggest [to everyone] to take training classes as soon as possible and to consider teaching training [or other] classes as soon as you are comfortable. The teaching/learning is what makes DMS more than a rent-a-tool.

Long answer for short question, but consider becoming a member and enjoying the community.


Tom covered it well, there is one more option, if you are an experienced wood worker, we can do a proficiency session.

If that’s the case, drop me a note


Click on his picture or name next to his response and it will give you the option to send a message. If it won’t let you, it means you haven’t spent enough time in our system to accumulate the privileges to send messages. Spend a little more time perusing the site and that will generate the privilege you need.

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Thank you. I reviewed the DMS group calendar during my tour a few weeks ago, and again today. No classes were scheduled either time. Am I looking in the proper place? If not, please direct me to the right spot.


Classes often don’t show up until a week or so before they occur; this is the nature of volunteer instructors.

Just in case…
go to calendar.dallasmakerspace.org
since you’re seeking “wood working” classes, filter by “category: Woodworking”, like so

and the courses you seek should show up (none listed currently):

If you post to Talk asking for an individual lesson for sign offs, someone may be able to accommodate you. It often turns out that an individual request generates enough interest to become a full class.

There are many ways to get what you need besides relying on the calendar.

Woodshop maintenance day is next Saturday the 11th, from 1-6PM. Our goal is to have the shop operational enough to hold classes after that. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

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