Question-How Can I Donate Spare Tools?

I’ve got some tools at home that I would like to give to DMS. How does that work, especially now with COVID?

Chris G.

It depends on what they are. All donations need a Chair, an officer, or a board member for us to accept.

A detailed list including things like:

– item name
– longer description, maybe incl manufacturer, make, model, product identifier) if known
– date purchased or years owned
– current condition (poor, fair, good, excellent)
– any web link (URL) to actual product or item, e.g an Amazon page

would be very, very helpful. (it’s understood some of this might be redundant.) Then per previous, forward to committee/committee chair.


– 3-ton floor jack
– Husky 3-ton floor jack, model # HD00107
– purchased new Oct 2018 (~2 years old)
– little used; excellent condition.

Gotcha. I’ll make that list and send it to the Automotive Chair. Thanks for your help!


Thanks for doing that, I’ll be interested to see it.