Question for leather/sewing people

hi, I have no idea what I am doing, how would I attach a leather protection layer with 1 inch around the side.
Do I sew it to the rope basket or glue it?
Do I use a leather circle or cut it in such a way it doesn’t buckle when folded up on the edges?

Well, if you glue it, it’s only going to last as long as the glue does. Mind you, I don’t glue much stuff.

If you notice on the backpack on the right, there’s a seam at the bottom. So it’s a circle of leather sewn to a strap of leather, that is then sewn to the object. There’s probably a seam at the bottom of the other backpack – it’s just a little out of sight.

You could just cut a circle that’s big enough to fit the bottom plus your inch. Actually, an inch is pretty small for something like this. I’d guess that the lip on the backpacks is at least 2 inches, if not 3. Anyway, then you’d cut pie-shape triangles out at even intervals to make it fit. I’d stitch that along the top edge. Leather doesn’t fray. You could attach it with something like barge glue, so that it doesn’t get loose and shift, and then stitch the top edge.

I’d wet-form the leather to make a very shallow bowl and sew It to the bag around its rim.

First, I’d make a wooden buck the size of the bottom and a couple of inches tall. Then I’d make a wooden plate with a hole just a bit larger than buck. Round off the edges. Attach the buck to a lower plate securely.

Cut an oversized piece of Vegtan leather, wet it thoroughly, and center it over the buck, then press the plate down to stretch the leather over the buck. Use several clamps to press the upper plate down and form the leather over the buck.

Let dry over night, then remove the plates to release the leather. Trim to size and then tack in place using Barge cement the sew into place.

If sewing by hand, predrill the holes before gluing, then use ball nose needles to tease the thread through the rope layer. If using THOR, use fairly wide stitches - not sure it’s up to sewing that thick, though.


Does it have to be leather? You could consider vinyl.

That said, I would echo what Beth said. it would have to be two pieces - one flat round piece and one strip - that depending on the angle of the sides of the basket.