Question About Storage Space

Howdy all! I’ve been thinking about joining the makerspace for a bit now but before I do I have a question to ask about project storage. I have a partially renovated airstream trailer that I’m working on and I’ve gotten to the stage where I have to start cutting and forming sheet metal (0.032 aluminum). Since I don’t have any capacity to do this kind of work at my home I was considering joining the makerspace for access to the metal shop. My main issue is that I live 40 minutes away in fort Worth and have very limited capacity to town the trailer back and forth. Would it be permissible to leave the trailer locked and parked in the parking lot while I complete this sheet metal work? Or is there maybe a nearby storage space that I can pay to rent for just a month? Thank y’all so much for your help in advance.

Not sure about trailer parking, but here are some storage facilities near DMS:

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And just to add - our lease does not allow for overnight parking or storage, which definitely limits trailer and car work. The storage options above would be your best bet.

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There’s a lot that we’ve used before for vehicle/trailer parking that’s not fully listed on Google maps which I believe was here.


Thank you so much for the speedy response! Do you by any chance know who the building is leased from? Perhaps I can reach out to them directly and try to work out some sort of arrangement?

Unfortunately this won’t be possible. We have had some issues in the past that make this a hard no. Please do not attempt to reach our landlord about this. The best option would likely be one of the many storage spaces close by.

We look forward to seeing you around the space!

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Well, isn’t that a motley collection of stuff with no obvious business name or contact phone number.

Well, that does explain why no-one could give me a name when I was asking about it. That is kind of across the street (Luna) from Cube Storage, where DMS and others have had storage units. Cube Storage also does vehicles, though I’m not sure that they’ve got any spaces available at this moment.

Yeah. Was never involved in renting space there so I’ve got no details. A property search on Dallas CAD did turn up two entries for the location:

… but the LLC (75% ownership) seems to be a prolific entity in the state, thus the actual operator eludes me. Perhaps there’s some information at the site that has eluded street view. Or maybe the facility has moved on from renting spots in a gravel yard.

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The next time we run by our storage space, we may do a drive-by to see what’s down there.

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Here name is Judy Bryd (or Dot) and the space was ~$100-$120/month for a 50’ spot. She only took a check and sent a handwritten receipt. I no longer have any contact details for her.

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