Question about Dallas Silk Art class

Two questions about the Dallas Silk Art class. First, is it possible to complete the activity in an hour, I have another class at 7, and second, where/what is the ‘wet classroom’?

I don’t know the answer to the first part, but the “wet classroom” is the room in between the Common Room and the Flex workshop area. Called “wet” because it has a sink included.

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After you pick out your colors, creating the design only takes about 10 minutes. After we transfer your design onto silk, allow 15- 20 minutes for your scarf to dry.

You should be able to make it to your 7 pm class! If for some reason your scarf isn’t dried by 7pm, you can pick it up anytime before 9:30 pm!


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Can things other than silk be dipped? Like say plastic, or does the material have to absorb the color?