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So does paying $25 get me the book?

I noticed there is a “free” option when registering for the class, so that is the way to pay only once.

Exactly. The book usually runs anywhere from $20 to $35 online depending on the format and source. If one has their own copy already then the course is free to them upon proof of owning a copy.

The link above takes one to the kindle version which is going for under $20 at this time.

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Class notice: Books will be ordered on Sunday morning for delivery to to the space so please make sure to plan ahead.


Are these dead tree-editions or e-books?

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Digitial can obviously be emailed at the start of the class so yes, the paperback version.

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I haven’t been able to find a new copy of the paperback version anywhere for $25. Will the copy that you order for paid participants be paperback and include the DVD?

Also, I noticed a different book by the same author specifically for Python 3. Is the book that you are going to be using strictly Python 2, or ??

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ll be focusing mainly on 2.7 in the class but there is documentation online that shows how to migrate over to python 3 and for the most part its not that different


Good to know, Thanks! :slight_smile:

What about the book/DVD?

From the Don’t Try This At Home department, Python lets you walk over built-in functions:

This is the result when the code is run:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Bill\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35-32\”, line 9, in
print(pow(2, 3))
TypeError: ‘int’ object is not callable[/quote]

Edit: research says this can be fixed.


Edit: Correction…that is builtins with an ‘s’.


Most of the books came in yesterday and it looks like there’s several others that have decided to “squeeze in” at the last moment so make sure to have your digital copy available as we’ll be covering a lot of material and there will be homework expected.

When we turn in our homework do we do the Study Drills or just the exercise?

I’d prefer both, repetition helps with​ retention. And be sure to watch the follow up materials on the disk.

words.poop(0) indeed…

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Programming projects?

How about Core War?

It is robot combat at the machine code level.


Jeez…I really hope that we can direct any of our budding programming talent and class effort at internal projects…they seem to be abounding now! Even small maintenance efforts, enhancements, or bug fixes, with appropriate oversight (e.g. testing) would be very welcome, I would think.


I like it but maybe instead of an asm language based game it should use something that reenforces the programming courses we’ve been offering?!

There was another game like Corewars that was developed around the same time called CROBOTS. I believe this python implementation may be what you are looking for,

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To put things in perspective, some of us are in the Python programming class and are trying to decide on a project for that class.

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The link from @wandrson is quite interesting being that the Python 101 class ended with Classes. While it may not make for a good 201 project, the idea of having users create a Class to be inserted into larger program for execution would be an interesting approach to solidifying ones understanding of Classes (and how to work within the framework of other preexisting code).

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