PSA: Ugghh! "Echo Update: Amazon Sidewalk is coming soon"

Be Aware: I received an email with above subject line today. In other words, the emmeffers at Big Tech will again be pushing something at us that – and I am no world class internet security expert here – seems incredibly intrusive, unsafe, and privacy-molesting:

Anyhoo…according to email here’s how to disable if you want to, although if you do you will probably want to check back regularly to make sure it haven’t been re-enabled it for you (since, of course, they know what’s best for you):

To disable this feature, follow these instructions. You must have the latest version of the Alexa app on your phone to proceed.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate link below on your mobile device to get the latest version:
  1. To open the Alexa app, tap “Open.” Or tap “Install” or “Update,” then “Open” when complete.
  2. Sign into your Amazon account, if prompted.
  3. Tap More > Settings > Account Settings > Amazon Sidewalk.
  4. Turn Sidewalk off.

And this is one of many reasons why I’m leery of most things IoT. The kinder-and-gentler future that Sci-Fi promised us has been replaced by monetize all the things.


That is depressing, but I guess I can fend that part off, for the most part. The hacking potential and tracking/surveillance considerations are what concern me the most…the uses that we the sheeple would never really understand were happening until it was too late.

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As it should be in good ol’ U, S and A. And especially in Texas. Profit is the only valid motive, or so I’ve been told by lots of people without any formal economics education, so they should know.

p.s. - I’m so glad I ditched my Ring doorbell and haven’t been tempted to use any “alexa” devices.

I just checked my settings on my alexa and it appears to be off by default.

Same here. But I’ll be going back in and checking two or three times( at least) over next 4-6 months to confirm that it stays that way.

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I’m no Commie Socialist (and I’m sticking to that story) but isn’t this merely the god known as Capitalism in action?


It is, indeed! Amazon Porch is just a prophet of Capitalism!

Let this be a lesson: if you work hard enough, the people will come willingly and pay you to take their personal information, so that you can monetize it in the name of not having to get up off the couch to dim the lights. Bezos 1:1”


I think it was Mr. Ben Franklin that said "Those who would give up essential Privacy to purchase a little temporary Convenience, deserve neither Convenience nor Privacy”

Or maybe it was Mr. Ben Dover. I was never very good at history.


I’m saddened to think that Mr. Franklin wouldn’t be in favor of the highest American ideal: “Everything Has A Price”!

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I thought Ben Franklin said, “Take my wife. Please.”


Here in the USA, they sell us a Serotonin jolt using consumerism.

In the People’s Republic of China, they are sold a Serotonin jolt by reading Chairman Xi’s daily advice, which comes through an App which feeds back to your citizenship rating.

We are a bunch of Serotonin junkies, the vehicle is the same, the reward is varied by social preference. We are doomed!


That may have been while he was living in France.

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Not a fan of some of the things big tech companies are doing. At home I do not and plan on avoiding having Alexa or any other smart devices that have microphones. Siri is disabled on my phone. I don’t like the thought of being spied on by a company like Amazon or Google. The smart hardware I do use is carefully selected.


I always enjoyed his advise… He is missed. :cry:


On one hand I like having a digital assistant, especially for the cooking timers and other stuff I need to be hands free for.

On the other hand I am not a fan of the security risks or the intrusive nature of their data collection.

Unfortunately the open source alternatives are just so terrible. is the most complete out there and it’s message board is 90% support tickets of basic stuff not working. Not to mention, as much as I like hacking things, no product marketed as an alternative to consumer grade stuff should start with “step 1: get the source code…”



My version:


You: Alexa…order me some more toilet paper.
Alexa: OK.


Alexa: Wow…that sounded like a pretty intense dump. I’ve ordered you some more toilet paper. And some air freshener.
You: OK.


Oh I believe that for all of the 'Zon’s supposed visionary foresight, the future they envision is largely a version of something that’s been a B2B staple for decades now - managed inventory. The spying consumer insight may be novel relative to the B2B world where the needs are more easily determined by industry, but the in-house delivery they’ve been pushing so hard is pretty much the same as how it’s done B2B. Only I suspect the real kicker for Bezos will be that ultimately he algorithms will choose what’s restocked based on the products with the best gross profit margins customer satisfaction. For customers on a tighter budget, expect a hotel minibar personalized Amazon Locker in your domicile that bills your account at the moment of consumption.