Protocol for Making a poster


Hi guys I was wondering what’s the protoco/trainingl for printing a large poster, it’s a friend’s birthday and I was hoping to be able to make a large Bob’s burgers poster. I know that there is a few printing services in the space itself but I was hoping to use this opportunity to learn how to do this myself. Any pointers or advice is appreciate!



Since our large format printers (which would be the easiest option) aren’t operational you will need to create a silkscreen and print from that.

I see that there is a “create your own silkscreen class” on the calendar in August.

(Hurry - they fill fast).


Woah that’s too bad, I didn’t realize they weren’t operational. Any timeline for when they might be up again?

And thanks! The class sounds like a good option


They are being replaced but I don’t have any information on when.


Not to be a killjoy but realistic - it’s going to be a while. Our move is what will be driving much of all of this.

Do not expect anything prior to when CA moves and has fitted out its new space to ensure it has funds it needs. I would guess that will probably be around end of December sometime. I don’t expect any committees to actually move into 102 until construction is completed which will probably be around the end of November. Then a month for the committees to outfit their new area.

My GUESS as to time line. This assumes that all items are completed within these guesstimated times, whenever something takes longer it delays committee move in dates. These I consider optimistic.

  • Mid September - Gain access to 102 Euphoria! Excitement! Then reality starts, we can’t start the build-out process until we have access. We may know what we’d LIKE to do for layout, until in there and getting final actual measurements and making adjustments, we don’t know.
  • Minimum two weeks to get Architect/Engineering drawings so bidders know scope of work (10-1-2018) I think this is very optimistic for all that needs to be done.
  • Minimum two weeks to get bids from contractors (10-15-2018)
  • Minimum of one week and awarding work to contractor (10-21-2018)
  • Minimum one month before work to be completed (11-21-2018)
  • Two weeks for Committees move into space allocated and fitting out (12-7-2018)
  • Then committee has to order printer, have it delivered, and training requirements prepared and classes conducted.

So I’d guess end of year before is best case. If any of these slip by a week, I’d be amazed if it is less than two weeks, then first week of January. There is a lot that has to happened.

There currently a building boom going on in North Texas and getting contractor to bid on what to them is a small contract may take some time or they will price high.


You might consider using Adobe Illustrator which is on several DMS computers to make a large poster by printing out numerous 8.5" x 11" pages which you then paste or tape together into your large poster.


Here’s kinda sorta-an option if you are making a large image

thats raster not master you dirty thinkers.


What exactly is wrong with the printers? It is an Epson 11880 correct?


You probably want this in full color, but in the past I have printed my designs out on my vinyl cutter and applied them to poster board (using low-tack application tape).