Pros/Cons American Ceramics and Trinity Ceramics


So I saw that American Ceramics is having some sort of holiday open house at the end of this month/beginning of next month. Likely I should have time to make it over to FW and make a day of it. So, curious for those who have been to both stores, are there certain things you prefer at one place over the other? I do know I wanted to try t-mix and speckled clay, I’ve really only worked with white stoneware. So if that helps, there you go : P

Just haven’t had a chance to get to American to see what difference, if any, they have on their selection or cost. Figured this would be a good opportunity to do so.

Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure where you are located but there is also The Kiln & I in Plano which has mostly low fire with some mid-range things in stock and they can order and/or pick up things from Trinity and other suppliers. They also have space to work and sometimes have classes and BYOB type events.


Not sure there is really enough competition in the local market to pick teams on stores to go to. Trinity has been around for a long time and does good work. I can say that they are a good shop to work with and they hire knowledgeable and helpful staff. They also get much if not all the school business in our neck of the woods. But, they specialize on Clay, Glazes, and Chems mainly. I wouldn’t go to them first when looking to buy equipment like wheels, pug mills, or a kiln.


Well, I’ve never been to American, so I have no idea what they’ve got so far as Cone 5/6 clays. I’ve heard that they have a broader selection in the non-stoneware line, and tend toward slip-cast stuff. Plus I hear that they’ve got some art glass supplies.

Whether that means that they’ve shorted the mid-range fire stuff or if they’ve just got lots of everything, I don’t know…
@Nathan_Jones – have you ever been over there?


@Julie-Harris Plano isn’t “far” far, but it is a drive. I’m located in Lewisville.

@Nick Thank you for sharing and good to know. I have been to Trinity multiple times and I do like the staff there.

@dryad2b Thanks Beth - I found their selection on their website. I do know they have a glass line of their business as well.

I don’t know that I felt the offerings were too different from Trinity v. American but on their website, some clay is cheaper, some is about the same. I think it was more about sorting out if it was worth the drive because then I can take time to visit family in S FW and also do other things. I just don’t go to FW much anymore since I don’t live that direction.

Guess I’ll give it some thought. Plus I know Trinity will have their EOY/New Year sale soon…soooo…I have no idea who has the better deal if I want to buy maybe 200-250 lbs of clay.


Exciting to hear about DMS members loading up on clay. You might think abound buying dry and mixing your own clay when you get to these quantities. We don’t have a great way to mix at DMS yet, but as the committee continues to grows it is bound to happen. Good luck on your projects and hope the trip to American Ceramics is eventful. Hope to see pictures.


That’s a lot of clay! Trinity has a clay sale in 8 weeks.


Yes, I marked in my calendar that they have a sale. I may still go by American just not quite get the quantities I am after. Depends price wise when I get there. But take 200, divide by 3 (I’m using the measurement I’ve been using for bowls) and divide that by 12 months and that’s about 5-6 pieces a month. So I guess while I consider it “a lot”, over the course of a year I don’t think it is.


Nick, I keep about 600 pounds of clay, I pick up unique clay bodies on my travels, and other members pic up clay for me when they travel. If it drys out it can be reconstituted.

This is such a reminder I need to get. back to making pottery!


Both store have a lot to offer. American has all the Amaco glazes but they also have a lot Mayco mid range and low fire and Duncan low fire. I like to try and get by American 2-3 times a year.


Annette, how was th3 class at American?


Thanks @meanbaby, that’s helpful. If I looked at it right seems they carry larger quantity of Amaco glazes and I could definitely use a gallon bucket of Obsidian celadon


I don’t recall seeing gallon size, but I’m so busy ogling everything’s.


I just had to go back and look, maybe I was on the wrong site yest lol, now I don’t remember. I thought somewhere I saw gallon of of Amaco and I was swooning over the idea of getting more than a pint because I love obsidian.


They may have gallons, they have a warehouse they pull your order from for larger stuff. You should check it out, may see something you didn’t know about an learn something new!


It was good, intense week.