Project help needed with xcarve

Hello, I’m trying to mill out a wooden picture frame as a gift, and I want to have it finished by the 21st ,I was going to use the baby Shapoko, but today I found out we no longer have it.

I am very familiar with CNC milling and was a previous trainer for the baby Shapoko, but just him not officially trained on the x-carve and on the AD group.

I I just wanted to ask and see if anyone was available who is trained on the X-Carve, to supervise (as I’m not on the AD group), or to help me get signed off.

I can make myself available pretty much anytime from today to the 21st

Any help greatly appreciated!

I might be able to help you! Please DM me your design, type of wood you’re using, and what time you’re available on what days

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