Problem with signing up Tormach 8L on Feb 7, Help

I have completed online prerequisite course, but I still can’t sign up for the upcoming course. Please help to point a direction what to do next. Thanks.

@davdstanton I believe this is you?

Also @kerchiac for future note, it’s usually helpful to also include a link to the calendar event and/or class that you are having issues with, although in this case there’s only one event, sometimes there’s multiple events with similar names and it can be difficult to find.

Good afternoon,
So there is a pre-requisite of taking the Colchester class. The Colchester class is a 2 part class. The part that you have done is the first portion. The second portion is machine side sign off.

This is so you know the manual operations of the machine before you get onto a CNC Machine. For instance, If you tried to take a 1/2” cut on the lathe, it could do some damage. When you have some experience on a manual machine, you get a feel for what the machine can do.


Thank you! I understand now.

I don’t see any upcoming machine side training. Looks like I won’t be able to take Tormach 8L on Feb 8. Do you happen to know if there will be those trainings happening in the near future?

Thanks, again.

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Our machine side classes are usually based upon demand. When someone completes the first phase, it goes to the AD so we can keep an eye on the demand. Both major machine classes are setup this way to ensure the person is interested in taking the class. Not just taking a class to take a class. Previously to doing this style of setup we would at times have 8-10 people in the class. This would cause considerable length to be added to the class as well as more burden on our volunteers.

Bob just taught a machine side class last Saturday (1-27-24). Typically the normal routine if you will is every other month for the particular machine. He would do a milling machine class one month and the following month would be the lathe.

But as I mentioned it is based off the demand to use the equipment. So if more people are clamoring for the machine side class, we will teach more of them.


Ok, this is clear. Really appreciated your detailed response :slight_smile: sure thing, I will keep my eyes out for those classes then. Thank you again for your help!!!

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